Life itself is the proper binge. — Julia Child

Thank you for visiting The Braless Gourmet–the blog of Locavore Culinary Boutique in Geneva, New York. Both Locavore and the BG celebrate the rich and diverse food and drink culture of the Finger Lakes region, focusing particularly on Geneva, which is located on the northern tip of Seneca Lake. We call ourselves “The Braless Gourmet” not only because it makes us giggle, and we highly value laughter, but also because we believe in comfortable, joyful living–after all, our motto is: A comfy cook is a happy cook, and a happy cook cooks with love.

The BG features information useful for home cooks, for those who like to think and read about food, history and literature, and those who value the local community, whether it be Geneva or your own town. On this site you will find everything from recipes, to book recommendations, to local history, to interviews with local farmers and business owners, to musings about what makes life worth living. 

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Hanging loose,