Bolivian Rose Rock Salt – My Everyday Go-To Salt


When I first saw a picture of Bolivian Rose I wondered to myself, “Why would I buy this salt if it looks and tastes just like pink Himalayan salt?”  Himalayan salt is ubiquitous.  Everyone sells it.  Why use anything else?  So I wrote Bolivian Rose off.

Yet something kept tugging me back to this stunningly gorgeous light pink gem.  Luckily, my curiosity got the better of me, and so I took the time to locate and purchase this affordable delicacy. Bolivian Rose has quickly become my favorite salt among dozens, outranking Himalayan as my daily go-to (kosher) salt.  Indeed, Bolivian Rose delivers a refreshingly mild yet distinctive flavor that I much prefer over Himalayan salt (though, as an aside, I am still crazy about Himalayan salt blocks—a story worth its own blog!).

Himalayan and Bolivian Rose are both ancient sea salts.  Himalayan salt is mined in the caves once submerged under the ocean of the Punjab in what is today Pakistan.  And Bolivian Rose is hand-harvested in the Andes Mountains of South America.  Both are high in mineral content, which gives them the lustrous pink/pink red color.

Need a kosher salt? Look no further than Bolivian Rose! Although it is a rock salt, it can be ground into any size for kosher salting applications. Salt guru Mark Bitterman quips that industrially-produced kosher salt is good only for roadkill! The flake structure of industrially fabricated kosher salt is produced by pressing salt in rollers and stripping it of all its mineral content.  For salt to be considered kosher, it must draw out the liquid content within meats.  No blessings necessary. At Locavore Culinary Boutique, we are proud to carry only the finest kosher-certified, optically pure Bolivian Rose salt.

And while we are at it, let’s admit that table salt tastes yucky, period.  It may be cheap, but it tastes nasty.

Table salt.  Don’t do it!!

Instead, use craft salts for everything.  They elevate any dish, dazzle the eye, and offer a pleasurable adventure in the kitchen on a daily basis.

Use coarse or fine grain Bolivian Rose for soups, meats, roasted veggies, crudité, and, homemade salad dressings.  Conduct your own blind taste tests comparing industrial salt and craft salts like Bolivian Rose.  Try Bolivian Rose with your favorite dishes and discover what applications you love best.

That is what makes every salting an adventure!

Bolivian Rose – I can’t live without.  Luckily, it is affordable and available at Locavore in beautiful downtown Geneva, New York.  While you are here, take a walk down to Seneca Lake for a magical view of the bounty of the Finger Lakes.

Don’t live in town?  You can visit Locavore  right here on the web!



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