Locavore Tasting Event: A Fabulous Turnout

Locavore’s First-Ever Tasting Event took place last Sunday, and by all accounts, it was a smashing success. We have no way of knowing precisely how many guests came out, but our best guess is that 150-160 folks visited during the two-hour event at the lovely Cracker Factory in Geneva. Locavore showcased some of its products, and our fabulous vendors chatted folks up about the history of their products and companies, and provided samples for everyone to taste.

Here are some of the amazing photos taken by friends and attendees Kelly Walker, Heather May, Antje Wegner, Dan Bell, and David O’Malley.

First, our vendors, beginning with Finger Lakes Harvest Shrubs:

If you are not familiar with shrubs, you are missing out! Make sure you see my blog coming later this week to understand why they are awesome. In a nutshell, they are flavorful fruit drinks that may be used as the basis of mixed drinks and cocktails, salad dressings, barbecue sauces, or mixed with seltzer for a refreshing summer drink!



Teas by Wild Thistle Herbal:

These teas are organic, grown locally in small batches and free from harmful chemicals and additives.

DB WIld Thistle Herbal


Fish Woodworks:

Geneva resident Tom Fish creates fine wood cutting boards, tables, furniture, wine racks, and kitchen utensils, among other things. Tom tries to use locally sourced wood for his creations.


Artisan Salt Company:

Tahlia’s salt table was so crowded that we had a hard time getting a photo of all the beautiful salts, but here are a few shots. Locavore’s Tahlia will soon be posting more thoughts on salts here on the blog.


And here’s Charlie, a new but enthusiastic, ten-year-old connoisseur of Bee Raw Honeys and Artisan Salt Company Salts, and all around best helper in Geneva. Charlie requested a small loan from her dad in order to purchase her favorite El Dorado Mesquite Salt, then helped me to pack up our wares at closing time. For her kind efforts she was rewarded with all the remaining samples of salts to take home.

DB Charlie


Copper Horse Coffee:

This Ithaca-based coffee roaster partners with sustainably-grown coffee farms to bring coffees from around the world to the FLX. Here Jesse discusses a couple of blends that Locavore will carry.


Freer Processed Fruits:

You’ve got to try the crabapple sauce–it is truly something you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere. Jay’s delicious and unusual fruit products come from local orchards, and in later blogs we will explore how they might be used in recipes.


Finger Lakes Black Currants:

This local, family-run farm offers hard-to-find black currant jams and syrup. Soon the BG will feature a delicious black currant-raspberry fruit bar recipe using this delicious jam.



OM Jim & Regina @ FLXBC


Stony Brook Wholehearted Foods:

Up your summer salad game with delicious seed oils and pepitas from Stony Brook.


Bee Raw Honeys:

So many honeys, so little time. Here I am inviting people to drizzle a little Colorado Sweet Yellow Clover, Maine Blueberry, New York Aster, or Washington Buckwheat Honeys over whipped goat cheese:


Cary Mo Chocolates:

Cary makes the finest chocolates in her kitchen at Anthony Road Wine Company. Some of her chocolates even feature wine reduction fillings, which is just about the most perfect marriage of flavors that I can imagine. You simply must try them!!

AW Eat Chocolate



The event also featured tables with a few additional items that we’ll be offering at Locavore and online (our website is now live!), including teas and eco-friendly tea infusers, funky ice cubes, and cool & unusual cookbooks and books about food, drink, and the Finger Lakes:

And check out Locavore’s Subscription Box:

To pledge your support for us, please see our Kickstarter page. Sign up to receive your own subscription box. It also makes a fabulous wedding gift!

Finally, just check out all of these happy people. They were seriously having some fun! Do you see any familiar faces?

OM Ann Marshall @ Salts

DB Antje's girls

DB SMiling Lady lights

HM 36087161_10157567299455760_8199954615244947456_n

HM 36177295_10157567299540760_6746458886808535040_n


KW 35859253_10155304381791852_5728249877549285376_n

OM Crowd looking toward front of CF crowd


Below, Locavore’s James handles the sales. Look-it him go!!!

KW Throngs & Checkout


And here’s me, Fay, the BG, serving up the honeys.

HM 36087351_10157567299240760_901482973658873856_n


Some guests enjoyed playing pool.

DB Pool.jpg

Others even said the event was “classy”!!

My favorite photo of the evening:

HM 36052221_10157567299380760_3573987529910648832_n

Locavore’s Bethany is looking gorgeous and rocking the shrubs!

And the after-party Grrlz’ Vogue…after all, Locavore and the greater community of “locavores” are all about making their future brighter, healthier, and tastier.

AW Grrlz Vogue

AW Afterglow Vogue

Thank you, Geneva, for making it a great night! Thanks especially to our team of photographers, to Amy and Brandon of the Cracker Factory, to Maggie of Maggie’s Greens, and to our vendors: Bee Raw HoneysCaryMo Chocolate Candies & Confections, Copper Horse Coffee, Finger Lakes Black Currants, Finger Lakes Harvest ShrubsFish Woodworks, Freer Processed FruitsStony Brook Wholehearted Foods, and Wild Thistle Herbal. We look forward to many more events celebrating Finger Lakes food & drink and our wonderful community of friends and supporters.