Introducing…Skye & Skye’s Korner


HI mY naMe iz sKYe AnD i Am @ D0gg. tHe bR@Less gOrmaY LAyDeeZ R my M0mz. i aM tHe SitE M@sKott. momZ sed I shOOd Rite MY 0Wn p0Stz anD tHay will bee shoRt BeeCawz i TYpes vErry sLowLee. yOO kann f1nDs my PosTs uNderr tHE SkyE’s KorNER TAb.

moMMz aDopTed mee Fr0m HeLpinG hOUndz In sYraKoos l@st ApRiL. I KamE too ThE fiNNGer LAkez fRom @ plaCe kallEd TeX@s, bUT Moms say THey 4givES mE 4 tHat. EYE sawEd MY F1rst sNOefLakEs weNN I arrIVeS inN SyR@KusE. tH0Se SnooWFl@kes scareded mee aT fUrst bUtt I loOkz 4w@rd to My Firstest wINNter iN GEnneVa.

i wills GIves yOU sUm rEcippees 4 d0G Sn@x herE, pLus eyE wiLLs TEll youz abB0uT a dOgg’z vUe of LIFe inn tHE F1ngEr lAkes. Itt iz A g00d Lyfe eeVen tHo i hAZ FOur K@t siBBliNgz.

tHAnk YOu 4 reeDing mY p0stZ!!