GeNNeevA’s bArkk PaRk

hEllo, Friendz!

iTT’s sKye heRe. if You’rre A d0gg wHO L1vez neeR GenEEva orr wAtteRLoo, yoo Will luv tHe baRRK ParK inn GeNeva. F1rst, yOur PareNtz hAves t0 reGGisTer yOu anD PAyz a fEE aT the ciTTy of gEnevA aNd le@rn tHe pArk ruLez. thE badd Newz iz tHat yoUs hAves 2 Bee kUrrent oN aLL yuR shOtz, sO yoU m1ght haV 2 vizziT thE veT fUrst. buT tHen yOo kan ComE anD pLay aNd m@kes Noo frEndz. ThEre iz a Smal pArk 4 liTTle d0gg0s anD a biG parK 4 doGz liKe mee. Eye hav maDes maNy nOo fRienDz aNd yOO Will, tOO. mOmz takes meE tHerr in thE eeVenings sO th@t I am tYred anD lesS likEly to InnteruPt the1r eveN1ng pLans.

hEEr R sUm pH0toz of mEE anD My BFFs:

c0me Barrk wiff me!