hello frEndz:

itt’s Skye Here. TooDay as mOmz werE reArrangiNg ThEIr sPice Kabinet, sOmeTHeeng wUnndErFull h@ppEned. Wenn thEy wuZZn’t lOOking, i snooKs a wHOle cHikken breAsts inn My mouf. momZ sE@sonED it wif FresH bLak pEpper anD mUrraY riVer SalT. muRRay rivver s@lt Comez aLL tHe waY fr0m oSStrAlia. I nevver Beens tHEre bUt mOMs sAY itt’z SumwHeres “d0wN unDer.” aLL i kNows is daT itt TasTe reeL gOOd on RaW ChiKkens. Momms sAY MurAy riVer salT iz Besst 4 Cooking aNd aS A finnIshiNg SaLT, annd nOT For d0ggs, Butt I sEZ daT iT suRe wuz DeelishUs, eVen iffs mOms tooK daT chIKKens R1ght ouTs of mY mouf. nOW I hAz 2 taKes A napp annD dReam Iffs i wANtz 2 reMembEr dat cHiken.

swEEt Dreemz,

ThIs iz mee aSleeps wIf my cHikken Toy.