Locavore on Linden!!

Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all. — Nelson Mandela

This coming Sunday, August 19th, Locavore will be hosting a table at the Third Annual Medley on Linden, a fundraiser for Geneva’s Smith Opera House. Medley takes place on Linden Street from 4-7 PM. The event celebrates the culinary work of about thirty local restaurants, wineries and breweries (and Locavore!!!), and offers a variety of delicious samples for guests. There will also be three local bands, raffles, games of cornhole, face painting and wild & crazy dancing.

For those who missed Locavore’s Tasting Event at the Cracker Factory in late June, Medley on Linden provides an opportunity for you to taste some of the salts and olive oils that Locavore will be carrying. We will feature our Locavore Blend Olive Oil, along with our Spanish Picual, California Arbequina, and Tunisian Chemlali Olive Oils. Each of these oils has a unique flavor that makes it suitable to different culinary applications. The Locavore Blend combines several Mediterranean olive oil varietals and is a good all-purpose oil. I like to use it as the base for home-made vinaigrettes and my herby oils, for mixing with more robust flavors such as sesame oil, or for sautéing. The Spanish Picual can withstand higher temperatures and has a robust flavor. It’s especially nice with tomatoes and green veggies, so it’s also great for salad dressings and vinaigrettes, and it will impart a stronger olive oil flavor to the dressing than the Locavore Blend. The Arbequina Olive Oil from California is buttery and in fact would be a good butter substitute on bread, pasta or popcorn, with a little sprinkle of salt. I also plan to try the Arbequina on roasted pecans. And finally, our Tunisian Chemlali Olive Oil has a very mild, sorta fruity-sorta peppery flavor. This oil pairs well with balsamic vinegar, so might be a nice with honey and balsamic vinegar drizzled over roasted chicken, and it’s another of my favorite olive oils for vinaigrettes.

At Medley on Linden, Locavore will also offer four of our salts for sampling, including Cyprus Mediterranean Black Flake, Murray River Australian Pink Flake, El Dorado Smoked Mesquite, and French Grey Sea Salt. The French Grey is a very nice finishing salt that is hand-harvested in France’s Guérande region from salt ponds lined with clay. Its mild flavor pairs well with sweets, such as chocolate chip cookies or my cardamom pecan tarts, as well as with savory dishes, including grilled and roasted veggies. The El Dorado Smoked Mesquite Salt imparts a distinct smoky flavor, and I like it especially on grilled chicken thighs and summer squash (with goat cheese!). I have written about the Cyprus Black Flake and the Murray River Salts, and of the joys of comparing different flavors here. But allow me to reiterate that it’s super fun to sample an array of salts and oils at one time, and in the tasting process, we develop our appreciation for the variety and complexity of flavors that the world has to offer.

Best of all, on Sunday you may taste all of these olive oils and salts on home-made, rustic wheatberry bread from local baker Holly Rine. In the future, Holly’s breads may be available for purchase at Locavore. Don’t they look scrumptious?!?

38996956_650450328652292_2270903299936878592_n 2.jpg

Be sure to stop by our table Sunday at Medley on Linden, and sample some of these delightful flavors! And meet the BG/Locavore folks in person!

Tickets cost $30, which goes toward the upkeep and preservation of the lovely Smith Opera House. In turn, you will receive a souvenir glass, entrance to the event, and access to the free samples. Tickets available at the event Sunday, and online here.

See you Sunday!!!


Linden Street photo by local photographer Kristin Reinhart.