hoppiTies are DeelisHus!

Deer Frendz:

It”S sKye heer. THIs posT iz AbouT sNackS i Likes, so iT Fits r1ghT in wiF mOMs’es Blogg. tHis izz My fiRSt SummEr in thE F1nGer lAKes ANd I Luvs itt heRe. inn LaTE sUmmeR eVerYWheR i looKs i seez Hoppitys. Do yOO Knows wH@t HoppitEEs is? tHey is these:


I THinKs thEYs is cUte buT moMs doNt liKe HopPitees bEEcuz tHEy eaTs tHE Garrden pLanTS. I luvs 2 CHasE tHeM. mOMs saY thAt i’M a g00d hopPeR tOO.

i katches anD Eatz thEMs. ThOSe hoPPitieS aRE rEaLLy dEElishUs. bUT toDay Moms LE@rned daT tHE Hoppitys MigHt bee danGerus to eat. mY hoppITies coULd be ConTammiNaTED Wif poisonz kaLLed pEStiCIdes. tHEse PoisONs aRr badd fOR dogz. aLso, moMS finded Out dat tHEse yUMMy bUgz kan caRRy paRiSitES, wHich could mAke mee Sick.

sO i am verry sAD too RepoRt dat Momses noW stOPs me fRom eATTing hOPPitys aND yOu Doggs shOULdn’T eats themS eITHer. dOgg parRenTs, pLEase be KarefUL wHat yuR puPPs eATs When we is outside. eveN ifs it MAkes uss Sadd dat wee Kan’t eatz tHE dEELishus hoPPiteez.

orr Maybe yoU kan conVince y0ur momms to c00k hoPitys for yOU so u kan eets theMs sAfeLy. bE sure to PoSt yoUR reCipEs!!!!



Editor’s Note: Yuck, Skye!!!!