The Making of Locavore: A Photographic History

Before the exterior framing currently on the front of the store is removed for Locavore’s Big Reveal, I thought I’d share some images of the site prior to and during its renovation.

First, a little history on the store site. We believe that the building was erected around 1810, because one of our construction crew members from Finger Lakes Home Improvements dated the nails in the beams to that era, identifying the exact years that this particular style of nails was made. We think that the buildings were most likely used for light industrial purposes in the early years. There was a major renovation in the 1870s, and the new facade will reflect that era.  There was another renovation in 1904, and the colors and entryway tiles that we will be using will be more true to that era.

Immediately prior to our renovations, which began in late 2017, the store was The Yarn Shop, with its familiar awning and deep display windows. As you see below, Geneva Gelato is on the right, and a real estate agency used to be on the left. The renovations of the facade include both Locavore and the shop to the left, since they’re all part of the same building with Geneva Gelato.

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 6.43.04 PM

And here is a drawing of Locavore as the construction team initially imagined its renovations: a little glimpse of what to expect!

Architect Ann Hansen’s early vision for the store’s facade.

From January 2018, when the renovations were just starting to get under way:

The deep front display windows will be removed to increase the floor space of the store.

Then skipping ahead to August 2018:

From 5 September: things start to progress very quickly!

A couple weeks later, the ceiling, floors, and overhead lighting is in place, and we start to move our stuff in!

And finally, from last week, Beth’s artistry is really starting to inform the space as she places our items on the shelves. Isn’t it lovely??

Stay tuned!! We will announce our Grand Opening date very soon!!