New Spice Blends at Locavore!

We carry a wide selection of both familiar and unusual herbs, spices and blends.

Locavore has recently added some new products to its herb & spice collection! Over the next few weeks, I’ll be highlighting several items so that you can jazz up your tofu, chicken or veggies in a brand new way. Today our Herbes de Provence occupies the spotlight.

You may already be familiar with this herb blend, especially if you’re a fan of the rustic dishes from southern France. But if it is new to you, we think you’ll like it even if you’re not an adventurous eater, because it contains mostly familiar herbs, with thyme being the most prominent flavor. Ours is a mix of rosemary, thyme, savory, fennel, basil, and marjoram, with just a hint of lavender to add the floral note common to most herbes de Provence blends. Julia Child’s roast chicken most famously features these aromatic herbs, but it also makes a delicious vinaigrette for a green salad of mesclun & tomatoes. You can infuse olive oil with herbes de Provence and drizzle it over fresh bread or white fish. And it’s good in lentils, chicken soup, summer squash, and baked potatoes.

If you stop by the store, you can experience our Herbes de Provence and other herbs and spices with your nose!! We believe that smelling is believing, and that when you get a whiff of these delicious aromas, you will be inspired to try something new. In our spice cabinet, we’ve placed little sample bags of each spice with “Sniff Me!” stickers on them, so that your nose can get a sense of the flavor of the item. Please drop in to sniff out new additions to your pantry, and spice up your life!